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What is the minimum order?

Nwell Paper has developed stocking programs for our most popular product lines so that they are readily available. We stock paper at warehouses in Shandong, Guangxi , Dongguan and Shenzhen. There is no MOQ  for these paper ,we can ship paper to any location in the world directly .

Some of our product lines are not stocked and are manufactured as making orders. The minimum order varies by product type. Generally, it requires a minimum order of 5 tons to 20 tons for customize paper by pulp ; it requires a minimum order of 2500sheets (size 70*100cm) for processing on the paper such as dyeing ,coating ,cutting ,etc.  If you need smaller quantities of paper, please contact your Nwell Paper representative.

We are continuously manufacturing paper. If your requirement matches the specification of a paper we are making for another client, we can add your paper to the production run. By this method, we can sell as little as a few thousand pounds of paper.