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Sustainable paper starts with the mills. There are a number of facets to our sustainable vision. We envision our mill that incorporate the following sustainable practices.

  1. Waste reduction A higher percentage of recycled paper can be used through an integrated de-inking capability. This results in less waste and ensures that everything that leaves the mill is either paper or a useful byproduct.
  2. Location Paper mills should be close to what we call “urban forests,” the places where recycled paper is collected.
  3. Clean chemistry Chlorine-free bleaching systems will reduce the use of toxic by-products that seep into the surrounding water systems and get into food streams.
  4. Renewable energy  Try to use only wind, biogas or other sustainable energy sources.
  5. Sustainable fiber sources In situations where virgin fiber is required, we must source it from FSC certified forests, or diversify fibre streams with agricultural waste streams such as flax straw, sustainably farmed non-wood crops or non-degradable recyclable waste materials.
  6. Use less fibre Produce lighter basis weight papers to use less fibre, use pulping processes that can the same amount of paper from less pulp.

This dramatic shift in mill design requires commitments from all stakeholders. All these will be our development policy constantly in the future.
Honest communication and partnership between suppliers and customers builds the trust essential to the process.