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How does Nwell paper control the quality ?

Supplier Quality

A key element in meeting our customer's requirements is a strong and effective supplier base of raw materials and tooling. A formal supplier management process is used to give us consistent and timely analysis of key inputs being supplied, as well as a constructive feedback mechanism for our suppliers. The program consists of three main parts, a) a supplier rating system used to track ongoing performance, b) a supplier self-assessment guide and quality system audit, and c) the supplier recognition awards. When combined, these components serve to assist us to constantly improve our supply chain.

Improvement Tools & Techniques

We use statistical process control methods to provide the necessary metrics to help us make rationale decisions on adjustments to our processes. We strive to statistically run our processes to a given target. We also strive to minimize the variance around the target &#118alue selected. The aim of this approach is to produce very predictable product output. This strategy is a cornerstone to our aim of continuously improving the quality of our products.

Process capability studies are done periodically to confirm that our processes meet customer requirements. To assure that all our divisional testing labs are testing our raw materials and finished products consistently, round robin testing is conducted to confirm our ongoing capability. Annual quality and technical meetings are held to communicate and share our experiences between divisions. New ideas are presented during these meetings, accomplishments are shared, and future goals set.

Quality Foundation

Through the ISO standard we have developed a sound corrective action and preventative action system. Control plans are used in each department for daily testing, and process control. The effectiveness of each division's quality system is reviewed through internal quality system audits, management review, as well as third-party periodic quality audits.